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Please be advised that Bairn Biologics follows Food and Drug Administration regulations. We do not make health claims for our products and are unable to diagnose, treat or provide information regarding your individual health condition. Bairn Biologics does not make direct referrals or recommendations regarding health care practitioners. Bairn Biologics provides contact information for practitioners in your area that currently offer Bairn Biologics products. Bairn Biologics is not responsible for the actions of any health practitioner. While we are happy to answer questions regarding ingredients or quality issues via our website, your practitioner would be your source for any product information or recommendations. Thank you for your interest in Bairn Biologics.



1 (866) 202-2932 (toll free)

Bairn Biologics
Attn: Consumer Relations
P.O. Box 95397
Las Vegas, NV 89193-5966


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